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These low maintenance and yet high quality systems can handle higher flow rates and offer self-regenerative capabilities.

Check out our Guide to Filter Selection for Commercial Set-ups

Filtration Set-Ups

Multimedia Sediment Removal Filters (PDF)

For heavy duty sediment removal including dirt, sand, clay and other particles down to 25 micron

Arsenic Removal Filter (PDF)

Arsenic is considered a silent pollutant as it is undetectable in water by sight, smell or taste.

Nitrate Removal Filter (PDF)

For nitrate removal

Iron, Manganese and Sulphur Removal Filter (PDF)

For iron, manganese and sulphur removal

pH Neutralising Filter (PDF)

For acidity reduction / pH neutralising

Fluidised Bed pH Neutralising Filters (PDF)

The 'N' series pH neutralisers use a fluidised media bed, which means that backwashing is not required. This makes these units the most economical on the market, with no backwash valving or electricity required.

Demineralising Systems (PDF)

When high purity deionised (DI) water is required, the most convenient choice is our exchange DI service, meaning that pure water is only a phone call away. Larger units and auto regeneration systems also available.

Backwashing Valves

Water Softeners

The water is softened by a process called ion exchange. This process relies on the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions, for a chemically equal number of sodium ions.

Salt is used as a regenerant to make the exchange resin ready to exchange sodium for hardness, and to continue to deliver softened water.


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