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We have a range of cartridges designed to suit commercial and rural water filtration situations.

APL has designed and developed a revolutionary turbidity and iron/manganese reduction system known as the “Magnum” in response to other unreliable systems currently on the market.

These low maintenance and yet high quality systems can handle higher flow rates and offer self-regenerative capabilities.

Reverse Osmosis is the reverse of the natural osmosis process that occurs in nature. During osmosis liquid flows from a state of low concentration of solids or impurities to a state of relatively high concentration.

Ultraviolet light, as used in sterilisers, is a specific wavelength of invisible light that destroys more than 99.8% of the most common disease causing organisms found in drinking water.

The copper / silver ionisation process is now being widely used in hospitals in the USA to safeguard against Legionella outbreaks in water cooling towers, water supply pipework etc. Best of all - no handling / mixing of dangerous chemicals!

Ozone is a new and effective air and water purification treatment option gaining popularity as it does not use or require any chemicals.

We stock Peristaltic range of pumps and feeders.

We offer a number of different strainer options, including stainless steel, to suit your individual needs.

We carry a range of chemicals and cleaners in different quantities including our own Septic Tank and Drain Cleaner.

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